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Welcome to Highter Towers

Our equipment

Our Equipment

Our preferred tower of choice is the BoSS Ladderspan 3T Tower System. More information can be found in the Equipment Description. We also supply trap doors, out riggers, safety kick boards and inspection tags.

Covid: Impact

Founded at the end of 2018, there is no doubt we were hugely impacted.

As hard as we tried,  Covid meant we couldnt build the momentum we thought we had started to generate; put simply, lock down meant made it impossible to spread the word. Like many other businesses, it was touch and go if we could survive the down turn.

We are still in business and we can still deliver our Access Towers to your home or premises, but this is now on a one-off, as and when basis.

Our fully  trained installers can install and/or dismantle our Access Tower for you, so please make contact to see if we can be of assistance.

Our services
What we charge

What We



Hire only





Charges from as little as:






We sometimes charge  a fully refundable deposit of £150.00. Your deposit will be returned to you in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

How to

Book & Pay

It’s simple, call us on 07411325859 to check availability. Alternatively, use the Contact Us page to send us a message. We can accept payment by bank transfer or alternatively face to face to face when we deliver the Access Tower. 

All of our Services are subject to our Terms and Conditions.

How to book
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